About Us

Aimpro has a strong mixture of project management staff, technical engineers, designers and online marketing experts.

Aimpro was formed in 1997 for the purpose of providing design and internet services, especially for the Birmingham area in the UK. We believe that companies should be able to enjoy a personal relationship with a web agency, who they can trust, and talk to, in a comfortable manner.

Our experiences and customer requirements have led us to develop our own content management applications (i.e. database driven ecommerce website), setting up a new department that specialises in Search Engine Marketing, and developing tools which are all aimed at making our customers’ website work!

We believe in delivering website solutions that are tailored to the clients needs, and not providing a solution for the sake of it. We aim to listen to you, advise you on our thoughts and to work with you, in order to design a system which will help bring returns on your investments!